Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis

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March 17, 2019
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March 18, 2019

Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis

Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis

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The aspect I still enjoy most about working on
vehicles is being able to diagnose a fault that has
beaten others! This skill takes a few years to
develop but it is worth the effort. Diagnostic work
is much like that of a detective solving a difficult
crime, all the clues are usually there – if you know
where to look. I think it was Sherlock Holmes (a
fictional detective if you have never heard of
him!) who said:
When you have eliminated all which is
impossible, then whatever remains, however
improbable, must be the truth.
This is a great thought for a diagnostic technician
to keep in mind.
To help you learn ‘where to look’ for the clues
and to eliminate the impossible, this book com-
bines some aspects of automotive technology cov-
ered in my other books. However, it goes much
further with a new approach to the art of diag-
nostics as a science.
The skills needed to be a good diagnostic
technician are many and varied. For one job youmay need to listen to a rumbling noise as the car
corners, for another you may need to interpret an
oscilloscope waveform or a diagnostic trouble
Vehicles continue to become more complicated,
particularly in the area of electronics. The need
for technicians with good diagnostic skills there-
fore remains. This could be you and you should
be paid well!
Look on the bright side of having complicated
technology on vehicles – fewer ‘home mechanics’
and more work for you and me.

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