Heavy Duty Truck Systems – Fifth Edition

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September 27, 2018
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Heavy Duty Truck Systems – Fifth Edition

Heavy Duty Truck Systems – Fifth Edition

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation
the total number of registered highway vehicles
exceeded 260 million vehicles in 2008. More than
15 percent of this total is made up of trucks used
primarily for commercial purposes. That represents
close to 40 million units. For most of the past three
decades, through periods of boom and recession, a
shortage of truck technicians has existed throughout
the continent. This shortage of technicians is pre-
dicted to worsen as the median age of those
employed in the trucking industry continues to
increase. Even at this moment in time, the industry
retires more personnel than it recruits. Increasing
retirements of the baby-boomer generation during
the coming decade have the potential of putting the
trucking industry in crisis. Although this may be bad
news for goods transportation managers it could be
good news for anyone wanting to get into the indus-
try. Job opportunities, rates of pay, and potential for
advancement in the trucking industry have never
been better. Although the modern highway truck
requires much less frequent service work to keep it
in top mechanical condition, most of that service
work performed by a truck technician today requires
a higher level of skills.

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