Motor Vehicle Engineering

December 20, 2018
Practical Centrifugal pump – Design , Operation and Maintenance
December 21, 2018

Motor Vehicle Engineering

Motor Vehicle Engineering

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A car has an engine and some other bits to make the wheels go round. When
it breaks down or needs a service, it will in most cases be taken to a garage
for repairs. The garage will operate normal company systems to fix the car
and make a profit.’
I put the above in my first edition of this book because I know that different
qualifications and courses come and go! However, what you will find in this
book will continue to be relevant for quite some time, no matter what. The
welcomed changes to the NVQ standards are no exception. I have updated
any reference to NVQs but the technical content of the book has not changed
very much.
I still enjoy learning new things about vehicles and the motor trade in
general. I hope you enjoy your career as much as I have, and still do today.
I continue to welcome comments from lecturers and students via my web
site: and thanks to all who have
already been in touch.
You will find that the web site content changes quite often so check back
from time to time. Information about my other books, technical articles, web
links and simulation software are available online. I hope to see you there.
Good luck with your studies and careers in the motor trade.

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