Objective Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Vibrations Theory and Applications
May 14, 2019
May 15, 2019

Objective Mechanical Engineering

Objective Mechanical Engineering

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Pages: 198

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Success in examinations depends on proper planning of studies and appropriate
selection of study materials. The pattern of examinations has become tough. This is
the reason why a right choice of study materials plays a very important role. This
book cover thoroughly all the basics of the whole course as well as present to the
examinee a wide spectrum of the multiple choice questions having a huge varie
The author has made a sincere attempt in this direction in the present book. Various
unique features of the book are as under
A brief review of concepts at a glance covering all fundamentals and important
conclusions is given at the start of every chapter
Chapters are classified under diffe rent units
Multiple choice questions in every chapter are arranged in a systematic and
sequential way covering the whole text and spectrum of the chapter.
Answers are provided at the end of every chapter.
Model Test Papers covering the whole syllabus are also provided at the end of
the book again with their answers. These papers will prove to be fit for examina-
tion and will provide a chance to students in assessing their level of preparation
The present book is self-sufficient in all respects.
I am thankful to my wife Mrs. Rita Mishra who has put hard labour in reading the
proofs thoroughly and pointing out errors and omissions. My sincere thanks are also
due to publisher Mr. Mahendra Jain who gave me a chance to write this type of
books. This edition is a nice form
Although all attempts have been made to avoid errors and printing mistakes, yet
omissions are a human weakness and, therefore, constructive suggestions, modifica-
tions and errors brought to my notice will be highly appreciated and incorporated in
the next edition.

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